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Low in use
We deliver your goods in 3 hours
E-cars only, CO2 free E-cars only, CO2 free
BEVY car Road
Our service

We are specialized in flexibly covering delivery peaks for our B2B clients.

And when we say flexible, we mean flexible: We can always deliver within 3 hours within Prague.

Our client list is diverse: You name it, we deliver it!

E-commerce, groceries, food, pastries...
City panorama

We and our families live in Prague ourselves. We love our beautiful home and want to keep it this way. We want our children to grow up with clean air and low noise disturbance.

As the delivery sector grows more and more traffic is generate. We want to take the lead here and build the most flexible delivery service, but with sustainable means. We want to build the future, the next level of inner city delivery.

By only using e-cars we operate emission free and with a low noise level, but without any loss in convenience. Quite the opposite, we deliver your goods within 3 hours.

Better air quality, lower noise disturbance without any loss of service, speed and reliability is what we envision and what we work for.

Our vision